Saturday, February 16, 2013

Princess Days: Belle

It’s been awhile since my last princess post, and this one was one of our favorites! Be… our… guest for this magnificent tribute to Beauty and the Beast!

This movie is full of colorful characters, and it’s actually a story of sacrificial love. It has a lot of similarities to the original story, but I think I might prefer the Disney version. It was released on November 13, 1991 (check out this weird original movie advertisement!) 

THE COLOR: yellow, like Beauty’s ball gown… This was us smiling like the Beast’s first attempt at being suave and debonair – what a funny moment in the movie!

THE FOOD: homemade teapot scones! Mrs. Potts is such a great character, and we love tea. 

We made it into a whole tea party.

THE ACTIVITIES: Well, first of all, we recreated the epic “Be Our Guest” scene using our own silverware, napkins, etc. Check out my family members helping the spoons jump into the punch bowl!

And here I am reacting with delight to the kitchen's presentation of my dinner. ("No one's gloomy or complaining while the flatware's entertaining!")

We didn’t figure out how to make the silverware come dancing down on the chandelier, but if you’d like to see that done, check out the original scene/song from the movie – it is a masterpiece!

We also had fun taking pictures of everyday household objects and pretending they were movie characters, like Lumiere & Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts & Chip…

Reading is so important to Belle that we decided to spend part of the day doing it too!

Our father was such a good sport to go along with the reenactment of Gaston! “When I was a lad I ate 4 dozen eggs ev'ry morning to help me get large; and now that I'm grown I eat 5 dozen eggs, so I'm roughly the size of a barge!”

Finally, we recreated the dance scene to the classic “Tale As Old as Time.”

The movie probably did a better job, but we sure had fun!

Just for fun, check out this article about 25 things you didn’t know about Beauty and the Beast!

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