Thursday, March 21, 2013

4 More Easter Activities for Preschoolers

I’ve shared ideas for Easter crafts and Easter displays; here follows a conglomeration of ideas from the 3 Easters I’ve spent as a preschool teacher.

Jelly Bean Prayer

We did this at the “teacher center” with my 4-year-olds – a very simple take-home activity that helped them recognize letters, words, and colors. And the jelly beans definitely kept their attention! I had one plate for each jelly bean color, and they each got a paper and a baggie to put them in. As I read the prayer, they selected that color to place in their baggie. And there may or may not have been some samplage of the leftovers in the classroom!

Recycled Easter Baskets

Do you remember those old strawberry baskets? They still have them at produce stands (not our supermarket). Well, to make a cute and easy Easter basket, just twist a pipecleaner over one for a handle, fill with Easter grass, and stick on some foam stickers if you want! (This will limit the number of eggs to collect! haha)

Easter Counting

In the math center, provide plastic eggs and small yellow pompoms. Write a different number on each eggs using a Sharpie. The students can then put the corresponding number of “chicks” inside the egg!

“Jesus Is Alive” Sewing Cards

All you need is some foam (available in sheets at the Dollar Tree), a picture, and some yarn. Our students colored their “Jesus Is Alive” picture, and we glued it onto a foam circle and punched holes all the way around. Then they could practice fine motor skills by “sewing.” (Sorry for the bad photo quality.)

Don’t miss the post on resurrection eggs next week!

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  1. Wow, that was pretty creative and unique. I'd love to include this to my Easter crafts for kids post featuring lovely crafts and projects. Thanks for sharing inspiration!


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