Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Displays for Children

Last week, I shared several Easter crafts to make with preschoolers. Here are 3 ideas for ways to brighten up your classroom or home and display the real meaning of Easter (and a nonreligious one too).

Handprint Lilies

Trace children’s hands on white paper, cut out, and curl each finger around a pencil. Add some greenery and some little yellow paper scraps in the center, and you’ve made some lilies. The past few years, our entire center has submitted each child’s handprint to create a collaborative cross in the hallway.

“Hoppy” Easter!

This is just one of those fun photo projects that make parents and kids laugh. I cut the faces out of photos of each child, then they glued them to the middle of a paper plate. They then attached crumpled up tissues (or cotton balls would work too) all the way around the face and colored pink in the middle of the bunny ears, which I stapled to the top. (I wish I could show you their adorable smiling faces!)

Watercolor Crosses

Bulletin board idea for Eastertime: give children white crosses to paint with watercolors. The 4-year-olds are displayed on the board that says, “God loved us and sent His Son,” and the toddlers (who used homemade watercolors that didn’t dry as vibrantly) have crosses glued to black paper and surrounding the board saying, “Yes, Jesus loves me!”

More Easter activities coming soon!

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