Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Picasso Turkeys

This is one of the simplest art projects that has turned into a classic in my classroom. It is so easy, but each child’s always turns into a unique keepsake.

First, just prepare what you will need for one turkey. I cut out a pear-shaped body (kinda looks like Mr. Potato Head!), and each child also got 2 googly eyes, a triangular beak, a little red gobbler, 2 feet, and some colored feathers.

And… they stuck everything on their turkey’s body exactly how they wanted.

I ended up putting glue on each part before giving it to them – that way, not only could they stick it straight on wherever they wanted, but they could also touch the stickiness of the glue! (Yay for sneaking some sensory play in there!)

Who cares if the eyes are not right next to each other?!

Or if the feet are coming out of the head?

When making this with older children, show them some of Picasso’s artwork so they can see that they purposely didn’t look true to life. Some older children might obsess about NOT making it look weird or Picasso-like.

That’s what makes this such an awesome toddler craft – they don’t know what a face is “supposed” to look like, but they do have definite opinions where they want to stick their turkey body parts!

Make sure you get a photo of your little Picasso with their finished work of art!


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