Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Snowmen in Snowglobes

When my kiddos saw this ball sitting in the paint, their eyes lit up! This multi-step project (another Pinterest success) was a big hit with our 18-23 month olds, and they enjoyed making their very own paper snowglobes, complete with snowmen.

Begin by taping a blue paper circle to a tray. I used a (brand new) kitty litter box! Drop a ball (this was from the Dollar Tree) in white paint and let the children roll it over the blue circle. (This was similar to our heart ball-rolling project.)

Some of the (older) toddlers caught on to rolling the ball back and forth in the tray, while others just enjoyed the process of grabbing the ball and stamping it on their paper.

While the paint dries, assemble ingredients for the next step. (We did ours the next day.) You will need black paper to attach to the bottom for the stand – I used a silver Sharpie to write the kids’ names. I also had other shapes cut out of paper for them to attach together and form a snowman.

I assisted the kids in putting glue on the backs of their white circles, then let them place them wherever they wanted. (It reminded me of our Picasso turkeys.)

They also got to place a black hat, 2 googly eyes, and an orange triangular (carrot) nose!

Next time, I would also like to provide some multicolored buttons, a few fabric scraps (scarves), and some sticks for twig arms.

But I still think they turned out pretty cute! This was a fun way to incorporate some process art into a beautiful keepsake!

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