Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stars & Stripes: Patriotic Crafts for Toddlers

Only 2 days until our nation’s birthday! Here are a few patriotic projects our toddlers have been working on.

Handprint Flag

This is a more teacher-directed project, but it turned out so cute! The kids made fingerprints on a half-sheet of blue construction paper, then painted handprint stripes on a legal-sized red construction paper. Once the paint is dried, simply attach the blue in the upper left corner, and you have an adorable flag!

Cookie Cutter Stars

This is very similar to the stars we made for our shape of themonth in December. But this time we painted our stars red and blue! I had 2 different sized star cookie cutters which the toddlers could dip in red or blue paint and then make prints on their papers.

Sponge- Painted Stars + Ball-Painted Stripes = 
Stars & Stripes Mural

1. I got my star-shaped sponge from the Dollar Tree, in a bag with 7 other shaped sponges. (Awesome!) The kids dipped the sponges in white paint and stamped them on blue paper. How much simpler can you get?

2. I taped red construction paper to the bottom of a (clean) kitty litter box and dropped on a spoonful of white paint. Then we dropped in some balls, and the kids got to move the balls or the box around to make stripes.

These two simple projects were done two days in a row and displayed together to make a patriotic “mural” of stars and stripes! I was inspired by this idea but adjusted for toddler use.

Check out our Patriotic Star Garlands too, as well as my Flag Cake!

A few fireworks projects will be coming soon too!


  1. Hi I`m an occupational therapist from Norway who work with children with special needs. I take interest in fine motor activities and love your blog.
    I wonder if I culd ask you some questions about your blog on e-mail?

    1. My dad's family is actually from Norway, and my sister is studying to be an occupational therapist. I'd be glad answer questions!


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