Tuesday, March 12, 2013

4 Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

It’s hard to believe I’ve already spent 3 Easters as a preschool teacher. Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and I look forward to incorporating it into the school year. Of course the kids are excited about Easter egg hunts and the gifts they’ll receive in their baskets, but it’s also a special time when we have an opportunity to share the salvation message with youngsters. Here are 4 of my favorite Easter crafts to make with preschoolers.

Egg Carton Tie-Dye Cross

This is a great way to mix in the fun of eggs with the reminder of the Jesus’ suffering on the cross. Start by cutting an egg carton in the shape of the cross – you’ll need a large one, because there should be 3 cups going across and 4 down. Cover with a wet, white paper towel. 

Allow children to squeeze drops of food coloring on top of each cup (great fine motor practice!). Let it dry, then staple it over the egg carton and attach to a colorful background if desired (I used brightly colored foam).

“Egg Roll”

Tape a colored oval paper in the bottom of a tray with sides. Drop a plastic egg in the paint color of your choice, then roll it around on top of the paper. This is great practice in controlling movements and just plain fun! 

Some kids may want to move the egg around with their hands as well. We’ve experimented with doing one color paint or a few different colors (and different eggs). Attach to paper of contrasting color, and sprinkle on glitter if desired.

Egg & Cross Suncatchers

The classic contact paper and tissue paper craft is always a hit and looks great hanging in a window. We used Easter grass in our oval shaped suncatcher, as well as tissue paper squares, then outlined the contact paper with a construction paper oval. 

For the cross, I cut out a cross shape in the middle of a black piece of paper and stuck that paper to contact paper. The students then placed tissue paper squares where the contact paper was showing through.

Paper Plate Easter Scene

First you will need to cut a half-circle around the top of the paper plate, as well as providing several shapes made of paper. Have the kids draw a rainbow on the top half, close to the edge of the plate. Children can then attach green and brown squares to the bottom to represent grass and ground, then glue on 3 brown crosses to the half circle that is protruding at the top. We also attached red squares to the center cross to remind us of the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross.

I'll be adding more Easter activities in the coming days too. Check out my Easter hymns!


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