Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alphabet Book: F-J

Welcome back to the next installment of our awesome alphabet book! If you haven’t already, go back and read the explanation behind it. Now, on to the letters!

Ff is for Feet

This is pretty self-explanatory – just paint their feet! We did this at the beginning of the school year when we were learning “all about me.” Since they were kinda little way back then, I had them sit in a high chair while I painted their feet with a paintbrush, then pressed their foot onto the paper (with a hardcover book behind it to give them something to press down on).

Gg is for Green Grapes

Unlike our apple and corn from the first few alphabet pages, we didn’t actually paint with real grapes here. Instead we painted with… wine corks! So of course we talked about the color and the circular shapes, and it was during our healthy food unit in January, so I did say they were “pretend grapes.”

Hh is for Handprints & Hearts

I bet you can’t guess when we did this one – haha. Yes, it was in February, but the only thing the kids needed to do for this was press their handprints on the page (they were already experts thanks to our handprint calendar) and then choose which hearts they wanted. These were foam hearts, and I just used a gluestick to attach them wherever the children wanted them. Clickhere for more Valentine ideas!

Ii is for Ice Painting

In January, we painted with ice! For more details about our ice painting, you can read all about our “Wintry Fun for Florida Toddlers.” But basically it was like watercolors. We talked about how cold it felt on their hands as they were smearing the colored ice cubes all around! And this was when my printer wasn’t working, so I just had to write it in. Oops!

Jj is for Jiggly Jellyfish

This was another super easy handprint craft, which we made in April when we were talking about animals. Just paint the whole hand (except the thumb) purple (or pink or whatever) and press down on the page upside down!

Stay tuned for more alphabet ideas!



  1. I think I'm definitely going to add you to my blog list, that is if you don't mind me using some of your really great ideas! Thank you again!


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