Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alphabet Book: P-T

Welcome back to the next installment of our awesome alphabet book! If you haven’t already, go back and read the explanation behind it and the previous alphabet page ideas!

Pp is for Painted Pumpkin

This was a little labor-intensive for teachers, but it turned out cute. Obviously, we did it in October, when we were talking about fall. Just brush paint over children’s knuckles and let them stamp a few “pumpkins” on the page. Above them, do a green fingerprint stem. Since I was doing it on black paint, I made it more difficult on myself and did the pumpkins on white paper so I could cut them out. Then use a green marker to connect them all to a vine. Below is what they looked like on white paper.

Qq is for Q-Tip Painting

This is another “anytime” activity that was very fun. We waited until later in the year when their fine motor skills were a little more developed and they were better able to hold the small Q-tips. I put some paint in an ice cube tray and let them dip their Q-tips in, then they went to town painting some gorgeous masterpieces!

Rr is for Red Ribbons & Rubber Bands

We did this around Christmastime. Warning: lots of glue is needed in order for these ribbons and rubber bands to stick to the page. Some of the kids were really interested in this, and others were not. I ended up putting the glue on, and then the kids enjoyed sticking their hands in the glue as they tried to attach the ribbons and rubber bands.

Ss is for Stars & Stickers

Some die-cut stars and some star stickers made this alphabet page pretty easy. Once again, I added some glue to these paper stars, and it turned into a fun sticky time for the kids. I think they enjoyed the stickers more, and some of them surprised me by actually being able to peel the small stickers off the page themselves. (It was a good thing I had more than one color though!) We did this page around Christmastime too, when we were learning the star shape.

Tt is for Toothpicks & Triangles

We made this page when we were learning about triangles back in November. (Now they see triangles everywhere!) This is another one that requires a lot of glue, especially for those toothpicks to stick. The foam triangles were a little easier to glue on, but this was some great fine motor exercise for little fingers, as well as an opportunity to get our hands sticky.

Stay tuned for the last alphabet pages!

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