Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alphabet Book: U-Z

Here are the last few pages of our alphabet book! Be sure to check out all the other letters in the series!

Uu is for Umbrella

I have already shared the details of this craft on “Rainy Day Crafts for Toddlers,” but it was originally intended for the alphabet book. It just involves coloring an umbrella shape and adding some fingerprint rain on top. We made this in March during our springtime unit, and I think it turned out so cute. 

Vv is for Velcro

I literally threw this together in 2 minutes. All you need is some sticky-backed Velcro. Stick the different sides on the paper in the shape of a Vv, and let the kids enjoy feeling the different textures! We did this during our “five senses” study in September.

Ww is for Wheels

Driving cars through paint is always fun, and even those who aren’t usually enamored with paint sat for quite awhile enjoying this activity! I got my cars from Oriental Trading Co., and not only are they lovely colors, but each one has a different design on the wheels! There are hearts, triangles, circles, etc. – more conversation opportunities!

Xx is for X-Ray

No, the toddlers didn’t truly understand what an X-ray was when we did this during our “health” unit in January, but they did find it fascinating when I traced their hands on black paper with a white crayon. Then it just takes 6 Q-tips to make some “bones” inside (just use a large dot of glue on each end). Here’s where I got the idea!

Yy is for Yellow Yarn

This is another “anytime” idea that was really simple – just stick some yellow yarn on with tape! As it happens, we did this during our “colors and shapes” study in February.

Zz is for Zebra

One of the cutest saved for last! Yes, this is a white handprint, and then I went over it with a black pen, adding a face, mane, stripes, hooves, and a tail. This was made during our animal unit in April, and I got the idea here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our alphabet book!

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