Friday, August 30, 2013

Class Friendship Quilt

The beginning of another school year is upon us, and so far my little ones have enjoyed lots of painting projects! This was one of their favorites – a way for us to introduce colors, make a fun collaborative work of art, and get messy with some paint!

OK, so I know it’s not really a “quilt,” but we can pretend! And using paper and yarn is certainly a lot easier than doing lots of stitches.

My version is pretty easy – I just give each child a different colored piece of construction paper and that color (or a darker color) paint.

My assistant and I made squares too! But if you have an odd number, just make an extra square with a “Classroom Quilt” title on it or something – this is flexible.

In the past, we have made these with sponges, but they really got into making handprints.

It would be cute to include their pictures on top of their handprints, or let older children glue small collage materials of the same color on top of the paint.

Then I just punched 2 holes along each side and tied a little bit of yarn between them to hold it all together.

And there you have it! A simple combination of our artistic brilliance all wrapped up in this beginning of school friendship quilt.


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