Monday, August 5, 2013

Golden Glow Salad

This classic family favorite is a definitely a crowd-pleaser. Not only has it been requested for every holiday dinner our family has had, it has also graced numerous church potlucks. As an added bonus, it’s a pretty healthy jello salad!

I don’t know where my grandmother got the recipe, but she’s been making it for quite some time.

Recently when I was over at her house, I asked to make it with her so I could write out a recipe (it’s all in her head).

She obliged, and I am happy to be able to record it for posterity and pass it on to you today.

With only 6 ingredients (one of them being water), it’s not that difficult. Just be sure your blender is in good working order!

I kinda guessed on the number of carrots, since this is the size my grandma uses!

The first step is to dissolve orange jello in boiling water.

While the jello is cooling, chop carrots in the blender with the juice from the pineapple can and 1 cup of water.

Ahhh, nice and mushy – yay for chopped carrots!

Speaking of chopped, nuts also need to be broken up for even more texture. We like walnuts!

Then it’s time to add them all to the bowl! Start with the heaviest – the nuts.

Set the crushed pineapple on top and pour lemon juice over everything.

Add the chopped carrots.

And finally, pour in the liquid orange jello and stir everything all together.

This is what it looks like after it’s been refrigerated overnight.

Seriously, try it today. It is a definite winner. This many years of enjoyment can’t be wrong.

Golden Glow Salad

1 (6-oz.) box orange jello

3-4 cups water

1 (20-oz.) can crushed pineapple, juice drained and reserved

2 med. carrots, chopped

2 T. lemon juice

¾ cup chopped walnuts

  1. Dissolve jello in 2 cups of boiling water; cool.
  2. Chop carrots in 1 cup of water and the drained pineapple juice in a blender.
  3. Add remaining ingredients to jello.
  4. Stir and place in a serving dish, refrigerating overnight or until firm. Makes 8 or more ½ cup servings. 

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